Geoff Klock’s Casanova Book

I am late putting this up here, but my good friend Geoff Klock has just published a killer book through Seqart called The Future of Comics, The Future of Men: Matt Fraction’s Casanova. It’s a singular analysis of a bizarre comic that is very close to my heart. Here is the customer review I wrote on Amazon: Even after 15 years of reading and loving comics, Klock’s … Continue reading Geoff Klock’s Casanova Book


On July 31, 2013 Dr. Geoff Klock and Mitch Montgomery met for a SPOILER-FILLED discussion about The Wolverine.  The meeting was convened atop a bullet train speeding through Japan at 300 miles per hour, but portions also took place in the arty dreamspace where life, death and giant fucking samurai robots converge.  These are the minutes of that discussion. Mr. Montgomery and Dr. Klock called the … Continue reading THE KLOCK MINUTES: THE WOLVERINE