Geoff Klock’s Casanova Book


I am late putting this up here, but my good friend Geoff Klock has just published a killer book through Seqart called The Future of Comics, The Future of Men: Matt Fraction’s Casanova. It’s a singular analysis of a bizarre comic that is very close to my heart. Here is the customer review I wrote on Amazon:

Even after 15 years of reading and loving comics, Klock’s How to Read Super Hero Comics and Why changed everything for me. Retrofitting some tools of literary theory originally designed for poetry, in his first book Klock unlocked the source code of Super Hero comics in a more compelling way than anyone has before or since.

Now, Klock aims his patented “Oxford-fu” at Matt Fraction’s groundbreaking creator-owned comic Casanova to great effect. Casanova, as Klock says, is a deep tangle of influences and ideas that fly by very quickly. Klock slows things down and unpacks the entire series (thus far) in a super close reading, focusing mainly on what this phenomenal little comic has to say about the comic industry and the performance of masculinity in modern culture.

Klock, as he says in his bio, once spent like a year editing together a supercut of Hamlet references in pop culture and before that spent a long time blogging about the hundreds of allusions in Kill Bill, but while reading The Future of Comics, The Future of Men, it is immediately clear that THIS book represents the focused totality of Klock’s critical powers. Like a blazing psychic knife to the brain, it is at once an deep appreciation of a crucial work in modern comics and a call to action for a lopsided industry that too often values intellectual property over creators.

You can buy a hard copy on Amazon here.

Or you can buy the Kindle edition here; the Kindle edition is FREE to anyone with Kindle Unlimited.

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