*SPOILERS, if you care about such things* There is a concept of terrifying beauty at the center of Asymmetric, an idea that encapsulates decades of American foreign policy with chilling accuracy. This idea doesn’t emerge until about midway through the show, so it helps that this svelte, deeply political espionage drama from playwright Mac Rogers clicks along so doggone fast. Produced by Gideon Productions in … Continue reading REVIEW: ASYMMETRIC


I have been dragging my feet on putting together this Pre-Game for Gideon Productions’ Asymmetric before my proper review posts in the next few days. There are a number of things contributing to this – two other reviews already in the queue for the site, a bigger project that I’ve been working on for Pop Matters about Joss Whedon, and also the wonderful and frenetic … Continue reading PRE-GAME: GIDEON PRODUCTIONS’ ASYMMETRIC