Review: Set in the Living Room of a Small Town American Play

Theater Reconstruction Ensemble’s challenging but ultimately rewarding production of “Set in the Living Room of a Small Town American Play” does more than deconstruct the style of the great American dramas from the 20th century. It may sound exhausting, but playwright Jaclyn Backhaus and director John Kurzynowski essentially present a staged rehearsal, which turns out […]

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Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

-SPOILERS- What at first seems to be a charming, if standard coming of age in high school story is almost rendered unrelatable by a very dark turn in the third act. Depressed freshman wallflower Charlie (played by a likable frazzled Logan Lerman) who deeply loves his friend Sam (Emma Watson, who is magnetic despite an inconsistent American accent) because she reminds him of […]

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